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  ISDN BRI, ISDN Basic Rate Interface  

BRI is a type of ISDN connection, found most likely in residential services. BRI allows a single telephone line to carry voice, video, and data simultaneously to give you a better and more efficient and affordable service.

BRI connections are characterized as:

  • ISDN channel totalling a data rate of 144kbps: two 64 kbps (B) channels and one 16 kbps (D) channel
  • B channels are used for voice or user data, while D channels are used for control and signalling and/or X.25 packet networking. With a BRI service has the following features:
  • Carry voice, video and data simultaneously
  • All-digital service
  • Flexible capacity on demand by using existing wiring A BRI service has the following benefits:
  • Enables efficiency by simultaneously transmitting voice, video, and data
  • Improves customer service for your company by allowing multiple calls to be received over one line
  • Increases transmission accuracy and speed by operating over a digital network. Digital network reduces errors in data transmission and allows data to be sent at higher speeds compared to analog modems.
  • Improves network connectivity by allowing multiple locations to share information without the need for a dedicated line
  • Increases the speed and flexibility of communications from remote or home office locations.
  • BRI Saves money by operating over the twisted-pair wiring. This means that no special cabling is necessary.

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