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Business VoDSL, Cheap VoIP, Voice Over IP Phone Service, and PBX VoIP

VoIP or "Voice Over IP" otherwise known as VOIP, VOICE OVER IP, VOICE OVER DSL, VoDSL, and other types, is a business-class broadband service that integrates telephone and high-speed Internet services. This combination can reduce your business's phone and Internet access costs by up to 40% while streamlining your communications services implementation and management. LongDistance-T1 offers Megapath or Covad VoIP. Voice Over IP (VoIP) replaces and/or complements your business' existing PBX with fully hosted and managed communications services along with advanced calling features that keep your business a step ahead. Voice of IP (VoIP) is the technology of tomorrow.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) may save your business up to 40%, increase employee productivity, simplify your network and eliminate frustration.

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Dramatic changes in the telecommunications industry combined with rapid advances in technology have created a unique environment for the evolution of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services. VoIP is no longer about attaching a headset to your PC or chatting online. Today's VoIP allows users to pick up a telephone and dial just as you would with traditional phone service. So what's new? With Business VoIP, voice calls are sent over a data network such as the Internet. This more efficient method of transport results in lower costs compared to traditional phone calls that tie up all of the capacity on a traditional copper phone line. Implementing VoIP in your business also requires substantially less capital investment than legacy PBX investments. Small businesses can enjoy the same telephone services traditionally afforded larger companies without investing in the expensive connections between sites or hardware required by traditional PBXs. Because Business VoIP travels over a data network, VoIP services also support new breakthroughs in voice applications. These tools offer greater sets of calling features than traditional phone service, and deliver them online through a simple web-based interface.

Common VoIP calling features include:

  • A single phone number that can reach users on any phone wherever they are.
  • "Click-to-call" capability that can call anyone at the click of a mouse.
  • Inexpensive audio conference calls available from the desktop, allowing users to drop or mute calls quickly and easily.
  • Voice mail that is delivered through a Web interface. Business VoIP calls delivered over Covad's own national broadband network offer the same business-class voice quality of traditional phone service. VoIP is changing the way businesses communicate and the implications of VoIP-based solutions for businesses will be significant.

Plans/ Monthly Cost
XO Options Flex VOIP
 $499 for unlimited local calling
Paetec iPath VOIP
 $925 for unlimited local and regional calling
Airespring Voip
 $950 for unlimited local and regional calling
Megapath Voip (Note: 2 YR term)
 $562 for 5 phone lines and unlimited local calling
 $675 for 12 phone lines and unlimited local calling
Broadwing Voip
 $795 for 12 phone lines and unlimited local calling
Sprint Voip
 $895 for unlimited local and regional calling
AT&T Voip
 $1295 for unlimited local and regional calling

All providers have various plans and pricing promotions, and offer a wide varietyof pricing for international, toll free, etc. Please call or fill out our form for a detailed price quote comparison based on your needs!

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Like voice over IP, voice over DSL uses the data-networking component of DSL to carry multiple channels of telephone voice traffic. Advertisement: With voice over DSL, a single copper telephone line can simultaneously carry high-speed data and up to 12 individual voice lines. A voice-over-DSL gateway, located in the DSL network, converts the digitized voice to conventional voice and switches it back to the public switched telephone network so calls made over voice-over-DSL systems are indistinguishable from conventional calls. Voice-over-DSL systems can be integrated with other networking protocols. While they all use copper at the physical layer, these systems can also take advantage of IP, ATM, frame relay or time-division multiplexing. Most of the newer DSL systems today use ATM to assure a cost-effective quality of service and to be compatible with most carriers' overlay data networking core. When using ATM, either ATM permanent virtual circuits or switched virtual circuits can be used to route the voice traffic through the data network access point, and on to the plain old telephone service (POTS) network.

-From Voice over DSL, Network World Convergence Newsletter, 02/07/01

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