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Dedicated Voice or Dedicated Long Distance provides a higher quality transmission than Switched Voice Service and at a more
affordable cost for the larger customer with moderate
to high calling volume. Dedicated T1 or T3 circuits are
ordered and coordinated by your long distance carrier.
The service may be offered at substantially lower
rates than Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Along
with providing a wide range of voice services,
integrated T1 access can support Voice along with Frame Relay, Dedicated IP and Private Line services. Dedicated Voice and Dedicated T1 services usually entails long distance and toll-free services

-as quoted from CDW website

A service that allows you to connect your business phone system directly to the long distance company network of your choice. Long distance calls are then routed directly to the long distance carrier, bypassing the local phone company's central office. Monthly access charges are billed for the dedicated connection, but the long distance per-minute rates are typically greatly reduced.

-as quoted from IDT website Specials

Business Long Distance and Data
The "Integrated" T1 Voice and Data


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